Must haves for your Winter wardrobe

Winter is coming and our favourite warm pieces will be on high rotation as we try stave off the cold as the temperature drops.

Winter is not done right without a few key pieces and they're your staples - the must haves that you'll keep for seasons to come.

The black coat I'm wearing from Portmans, I've had for about four Winters. The lining gives it a little something extra. My grey jumper is also a couple of seasons old and the Betts boots are going around for their second Winter. Everything I'm wearing is neutral/monochrome. I'm a big believer is starting with staples and building from there.

Your Winter wardrobe essentials are not all pieces to fork out half your pay cheque on.

The ones picked out below will help you survive the cold spell and keep your bank balance in the black, all while looking super stylish.

Winter is so much about layering to stay warm and there is no better way to do it than with a coat and a cardigan. If you feel you only need one or the other, they're just as good as stand alone pieces.

You can't survive Winter without a good pair of jeans and ones that are versatile enough to work with an over the knee pair of boots that as well as looking good, protect the leg from the cold, ankle boots, heels or sneakers. 

If you're after a great pair of ankle boots, check out the ankle boot edit here.

You also want your jeans to suit a knit or jumper. These are so often my go tos for those days you cannot think of anything better to wear and feel good in.

When it comes to layering, the one thing that you can't go without is a scarf. I am the biggest fan of the snood - the scarf that has no beginning and no end, just one sensational circle of warmth.

A finishing touch, is a hat and a fedora is something you'll keep going back to season after season, so pick a colour that'll go the distance, or splash out on some colour to brighten up your outfit. Having said that, when it's that cold, sometimes nothing beats a good beanie.

Now the beauty about this Winter edit, is that everything is available on The Iconic.

Happy shopping xx