My wedding day in pictures

On April 23 I got hitched and I know most brides say this, but it was the best day ever.

Months of planning went into it and I was organised, surrounding myself with good event planners, a dress designer, hairdressers, makeup artists, florists, cake makers, photographers and limo drivers and that made my day stress free and fun.

I'm a big believer in outsourcing to experts in their fields - I mean you get a builder to build you a house or a plumber to fix the pipes. I had makeup and hair trials so there'd be no surprises on the day, utilised Pinterest a lot to decide what bouquet I wanted, for table decoration ideas and how I wanted the cake to look. I found that a great resource.

The old google search was also helpful when I was looking for unique invitation designs. I had a great artwork consultant for this. I'm in Canberra and went with Starfish Lane in Perth because I know they have a great reputation. Christine and I worked together from opposite ends of the country and it was smooth sailing.

I looked after my skin with fortnightly visits to my dermal clinician Carly at Caps Clinic, two months out from the big day. I had treatments to plump up my skin, boosting collagen production and a microdermabrasion. I also did several hydrating face masks at home and made sure I didn't introduce any new products into my routine.

The night before the wedding I used a gold face mask and the morning of, chucked on an eye mask to make sure there was no puffiness. I also chose to cut out sugar that can wreak havoc on the skin, to make sure I'd look and feel my best.

The wedding day preparations started at 9am in a suite at The Hyatt where my five bridesmaids, mum, mother in law, three flower girls and I got ready. I had two hairdressers and two makeup artists so we could enjoy the preparation part and not be rushed. Having two of each didn't increase the cost because they charged by the number of people they did hair and makeup on, not by the hour.

My dad walked me down the aisle and as we were making our way down the red carpet, we had to tell each other not to cry. My now husband Duncan and I wrote our own vows to personalise our ceremony and we each threw in a few jokes which is very much our style.

I felt glamorous and have to thank Naomi Peris from The Perfect Gown for my custom made wedding dress (more about my dress here), sensational makeup artists Diana Cheetham and Amy Capeda, amazing hairdressers Ezara and Emma from Off London and Corinna & Dylan Photography who captured beautiful photos (the last row of pics).