The 5 outfits I wore to conceal my early pregnancy

Three months or 12 weeks are the magic pregnancy numbers when you've reached the safe zone and can tell people you're having a baby.

You're desperately waiting for that all clear, when the doctor or obstetrician says everything is going as it should and you can share the happy news.

You also want to stop worrying about people finding out because they can see a bump that wasn't there before.

I'm about 4 and a half months pregnant and was very careful not to let anything show. Perhaps I didn't want to jinx anything and my husband and I wanted to tell people on our terms. Here was our pregnancy announcement.

pregnancy announcement.jpg

So, how do you hide your pregnancy in the early days?

I was pretty lucky on 2 fronts. I didn't show too much early on so most of my normal clothes still fit me. I also don't tend to wear a lot of super tight fitting things so had options for concealment.

These are the five outfits I wore on rotation through the first three months - think loose fitting and comfortable.

Your body is changing, you probably have a bit of morning sickness so keep that in mind when picking your outfit for the day.

Jeans (that fitted) and a shirt, whether white, black, denim or khaki, was my go to look. So simple.

I also went with jeans or pants and a loose black top, accompanying it with jackets or blazers.

The loose fitting black dress was also worn under other jackets and cardigans - a wardrobe staple.

An A-line skirt is a great shape because it hugged around the top of my waist (before it got too wide) and then hung down, concealing while being comfortable. 

In the first three months, most women won't have to jump into maternity wear straight away.

I'm now about 18 weeks in. My waist is getting thicker and some pants don't fit. It's an adjustment. I recently purchased a pair of jeans a size bigger than my usual with an elastic waist instead of buttons from Decjuba (this is not an ad, just a community service announcement).

They're not actually maternity jeans, just the Decjuba style, but are what I need and come in other colours so I can go back and get more! They'll also be good for the few weeks post pregnancy.

So I succeeded in keeping the secret by mixing and matching and keeping it simple.

Please get in touch if you have any questions or suggestions on maternity clothes. I'll have to go shopping soon.