The active wear edit

Are we not being inundated with all things active wear and athleisure?

Seriously, my email inbox is like a thing of dreams for the super fit or professional athletes - so many options.

If you're like me and love a bit of exercise from outdoor walks for cardio to a good, strong weights session, then you need a few active wear options, but perhaps not one for every day of the week.

You can even chuck on a casual, warm jacket or vest and head out in your active wear for brunch or coffee. A spray of deodorant or perfume and no one would even know you'd hit the gym. 

We're on the go kind of people so the athleisure wear look has had to evolve. Makeup has also moved with the times and brands have jumped on the bandwagon, creating athleisure makeup.

Check out this fine selection of active wear, carefully picked and able to be worn on high rotation.

Happy exercising or brunching.