The blazer is back

And seriously better than ever - ok horrible cliche but I have not seen this many good blazers in a very long time.

It's not because designers created some rubbish ones, rather the trend wasn't as dominant in cooler seasons gone by.

We have seen the cape doing the rounds for a while - very feminine, draped lovingly over the shoulders offering a gentle silhouette, a touch of elegance and a bit of glam too.

Now we've gone in the other direction with blazers. A stiffer fabric, more constructed, with more shape, coming in at the waist, rather than falling by its side.

There's also a whole lot of detail with buttons and rope but sometimes the material (i'm looking at you velvet) is detail enough.

It's Winter for us in Australia and unless you're in sunny Queensland, the Summer dresses have been put to one side of the closet and the jeans and leggings have come out.

What better to pair your pants with than a blazer. Whether you wear it over a plain black tee, a knit or shirt, it'll work a treat and is the piece you can take from day to night

If the blazer isn't your thing, there are so many other styles of jacket to get yourself into.

Here's a list so you can make the right call for you.

Bomber: It’s origins are from the early decades of the 1900s, worn by members of the military, specifically flight crew members of the US Air Force because it was sturdy. It’s not very fitted and is characterised by its elasticised waist and zip.

Boyfriend: The term is given to anything loose fitting and a little oversized. The pieces, including boyfriend jeans, have a unisex feel but are still designed for women, not just something we take off the rack in the men’s section.

Waterfall: Like a waterfall, flowing downwards, so does the jacket. It’s softer and casual with a very relaxed and draped look.

Duster: Similar to the waterfall jacket, it’s light and loose fitting, designed to be comfortable and easy to wear.

Bolero: It comes to the waist, is loose fitting and worn open. In Spain, you'll find men wearing it too.

Trench: It was originally a raincoat made of heavy duty waterproof material but has evolved to a knee level coat, usually with buttons and a buckle or tie at the front.

Parker: This is your casual and comfortable weekend Winter coat. Some say it's the only coat that's really suited to a hood. It’s not fitted but ideal for layering.

Pea coat: Like the bomber jacket, it has military origins, perfect for sailors in the Navy who needed some sturdy protection against the weather while out on the open seas. It's robust with large lapels and buttons.