There's now a new way to wear a white shirt

The white shirt transcends seasons and defies trends. It's the dependable go to like a best friend and ice cream after a break up.

The shirt though has had a makeover and is no longer just for work, when it's neatly tucked into the power suit for a day at the desk.

It's been deconstructed - unbuttoned, tied in a bow and some have even turned into a skirt.

The deconstructed shirt is not necessarily a new fashion revolution but now the shirt trend has been taken a step further, or several with cut outs, one shoulder, oversized, backless, sleeveless and extra long.

This is what I love about fashion. It evolves and everyone can find their style with this trend because there are so many options.

Having said all that, don't go messing around with a scissors and your classic white shirt because that's one thing that'll always belong in your wardrobe, in its original form.

You can always invest in a shirt that's a little longer in the sleeves or slightly oversized so there's more material to play with and have some fun experimenting.

Speaking of fun, check out some of these deconstructed shirts.