To tuck or not to tuck

Choosing to tuck your shirt in or leave it out is no longer that tough decision to make in the morning as you slam down a coffee before work or as you race out the house to meet your friends.

We're not at school anymore so no one is measuring how far your hem is above the knee and no one is checking whether your shirt is in or out.

Tucking it in can actually change your silhouette, showing off your shape, specifically your hips and waist. It'll lengthen your legs if you're wearing a high waisted pair of pants or skirt, but can make your torso look a little shorter.

If you're going for a low waisted pair of pants, tucking in a shirt can elongate the torso.

Tuck your shirt in with a pair of shorts to see more of the shorts and it'll lengthen the legs. If your skirt isn't fitted like an A-line, tuck in to keep the shape of the skirt.

With a belt, tucking the shirt in shows it off.

A woman with a larger bust might prefer to leave the shirt untucked as the alternative can pull on the buttons. Obviously a button free shirt with eliminate this issue.

Tucking your top in is more formal and is seen usually in smart office environments. Men usually tuck their shirts in if they're wearing a suit but it's not a hard and fast rule because it depends on the work environment.

Us women have more options. Right now I am loving the front tuck - leaving it in at the front and out at the back. It's a fun take on the traditional.

You can also tuck one part of the shirt in at the front and leave the other half out. It certainly makes a statement and is the 'I just walked out the house like this and look amazing' look.

The number one rule though, is making sure you're comfortable.