Why did this trend have to make a comeback?

We're so often slaves to fashion but the beauty about it is we get to choose and make our own decisions as to what we wear.

Now consider putting your tote, your crossbody bag, even your backpack on ice because this 90's trend is back.

I'm talking about the bum bag ... the fanny pack. Even the name sends shivers down my spine.

It conjures up images of those tourists whose jeans are too high, t-shirts too baggy - the bum bag wearing stereotype.

While I might not be rushing out to get one, Kendall Jenner has been rocking the returned trend, some are calling the belt bag which definitely sounds a whole lot classier.

Of course it's not the same as back in the 90's. It's evolved and the 2017 bum bag is being worn over the shoulder, around the waist but off to one side and is smaller, way more sleek and way more cool.

Still not convinced, check it out for yourself.

And here are some extra ways to style it. It's apparently not only for the ladies either.

What do you think? Will you be getting on the bum bag bandwagon?