The products I use on my son's skin

There’s that big section in the supermarket or chemist with dozens of different baby products. 

Moisturisers, bath washes, shampoos, nappy rash creams, sunscreens … the brands you’ve heard of and the ones you haven’t, different ingredients, organic, all natural, dermatologist recommended – so which one do you choose?

A baby’s skin is soft and sensitive and you obviously want to make sure you pick the right one.

I’m not about brand bashing but there are certain ones I steered clear of from the start and the rest came down to my research, recommendations from mum friends and online reviews.

These are my favourite products.


We’ve been using the Aveeno moisturiser since Levi was born and it was approved by our midwife. It’s paediatrician recommended, fragrance free and contains natural oatmeal which is so gentle. Levi had dry skin early on and this really moisturised.

We also use the Aveeno bath wash and shampoo. It also contains the natural oat extract and gives us some nice fun bubbles in the bath. We’ve washed Levi’s hair with it and he’s had no issue if some of it got into his eyes. It’s that gentle.


These products were sent to me to try and while they were free, I have not been influenced to say they’re amazing. They’re created by former Olympian and father of 3 Michael Klim. Klim backwards is Milk – clever!

The products are made with organic and natural ingredients. We use the baby shampoo and conditioner now to wash Levi’s hair. It contains organic coconut oil and milk protein and is tested by dermatologists. It’s soap free and made in Australia.

They also do a sunscreen which we use. It’s SPF30, offers UVA and UVB protection and also contains coconut oil to moisturise. Even on Levi’s face, it caused no reaction.

While we’ve used the sunscreen, shampoo and conditioner for a while (note the pics of a much younger Levi), the latest one we’ve tried is the baby moisturiser. It’s so gentle and leaves Levi’s skin so soft. It’s the combo of the coconut oil and milk protein that does it and can be used on super sensitive baby skin.

milk new.jpg


The most effective cream for soothing nappy rash. I apply it and the next time I change a nappy, the redness is either gone or is significantly reduced. It’s a thick zinc based cream and is more expensive than some of the others but it’s worth the extra money.

You can also use it to treat dermatitis or eczema.

Epoch baby 

My friend and mum with a son the same age as Levi got me onto this. It’s a really nice hibiscus hair and body wash that foams up when you squirt it onto a wash cloth. It’s caused no irritation and has almost no smell. It’s allergy and dermatologist tested. We’ve been using it for a while (again which is why Levi is much younger in this pic and to be honest, trying to get him to keep still for photos is almost impossible these days).


The other sunscreen we’ve used is Banana Boat baby. It’s an SPF50 roll on and we applied it all over Levi’s body including his face with no reaction.

So, that’s my list of products I’ve used, love and recommend. I know there are so many more out there that are probably just as good but once I’m onto a good thing, I stick with it.