Why you should join a Mothers group

Being a first time mum or mum to be, there are a lot of unknowns and so much uncertainty.

I was and sometimes still am filled with doubt and unsure what to do.

Every age or phase brings new challenges and of course the rewards. 

I joined two mothers groups but have only really stayed in contact with the ladies from one of them.

It is the greatest support network I could possibly have asked for.

As new mothers to very tiny new humans, we were all going through the same thing.

We were epically sleep deprived, alone at home most of the day with no one to talk to (who talked back) and not sure whether we were doing ‘things’ right.

When we came together, usually over coffee, it was the greatest excuse to get out of the house, talk, open up and share what had been happening.

Being able to share thoughts and feelings off other people in the same boat as you was invaluable to me. The nature of these groups is to share and problem solve in a non judgemental way.

What you’re going through, someone else might already have and be able to help or you can just talk issues through. There are some things your husband or partner can’t really help with or understand properly and this is where these ladies come in.

Most importantly we reassured each other.

I have also made fabulous new friends. What we’ve all been through together is hard to explain. We’ve seen each other at our low points and middle points and as our babies have gotten older and things get a little easier (yes it does happen), high points.

To me this is friendship. Being there for each other and offering a sympathetic ear and even an ‘oh I know how you feel,’ because it just made me realise I was not alone in how I was feeling.

I was part of the Canberra birthing program which included pre-natal classes. This is how I met the ladies from one mothers group. 

The other was through my local health centre. It was a four week program run by a midwife and we talked about how our weeks had been, got to ask questions, were given information on safety proofing our homes, car seats and playgroups.  I just called up, they put me in a group and I hit the jackpot meeting such amazing women.

A really big benefit of going through your local health centre is all the mums live close by so if you do get along well with everyone or just one or two, it’s easy to get together.

These groups can be hit and miss so perhaps consider signing up to more than one.

For my fellow Canberra mums, there’s a Canberra mums Facebook page. I’ve also checked and there are similar pages for all other capital cities. These pages are so useful for asking questions of other mums who have a wealth of knowledge.