When I saw the opportunity offered by Debby for a fashion makeover I jumped on it. I had just had a baby and was feeling like I’d lost a bit of myself and that I was only just now a mum, not Victoria the friend, sister, daughter and wife.

I wasn’t at all confident with the choices I was making with fashion as my choices were all about practicality and not style. It was the best shopping trip I’ve ever had. I had so much fun!

Debby had me try on things I never would’ve picked off the shelf or rack. I felt like a bit of a rock star walking into change rooms with clothes pre-chosen for me to try on. And above all Debby was just amazing! She’s super lovely and really took the time to understand why I was feeling the way I was. She was also honest and I really appreciated this when talking colouring and fits for my tone and shape.

We ended up finding a lot of really smart and fun styles which are also practical and also giving me a bit of my sexy back. A bit of Victoria back. My favourite being the leather jacket to add a bit of edge to the practical ‘mum’ outfits.

Thank you so much Debby for what was such an amazing experience and fun day. You truly have given me a burst of confidence which I was missing since becoming a mumma, and I thank you so much for that for the bottom of my heart. I truly hope others enjoy their experience as much as I did and I will totally recommend you to others looking for a fashion makeover in the future.

Debby was a fantastic stylist. I was in desperate need of some new work clothes, as I was starting a new job. I had also recently dropped a size or two, so my existing business-casual options were now gaping in all the wrong places.

In our first session, Debby asked a few questions to establish my style, budget and what I was hoping to get out of the experience. We went through my wardrobe, identifying which pieces we could still work with, and where the gaps were. 

By the time we met at the shopping centre for our next session, Debby had already set aside a selection of beautiful, in-budget jackets, pants and shirts- the pieces I really needed. By the end of the morning, I had two pairs of professional, flattering business-casual pants and a super-flattering, streamlined black blazer that goes with everything. Debby also suggested a few other options for after my first pay check.

I’d highly recommend Debby’s stylist skills, particularly if you’re looking for a new look, or need help finding some key items. It really helped to narrow down what I was looking for, with help from an experienced professional to keep me on track and on budget! 

During the style consultation I found Debby to really listen and engage with me, asking follow up questions to gain an understanding of what I wanted.
Debby also helped me cull my wardrobe.
I like the idea of mixing and matching so I can wear pieces with other items of clothing. I now know where to shop and the best pieces to purchase for myself and my body type.
I found the experience very informative and will definitely always use the advice that Debby provided. I would recommend Debby to friends and family if they wanted to engage a stylist.